Tension Membrane Structure Drainage Design in Bangladesh

December 09,2019

People's Republic of Bangladesh, referred to as Bangladesh, is a South Asian country located in the north of the Bay of Bengal and adjacent to Myanmar in the southeast, with a total area of 147,570 square kilometers. Most of Bangladesh has a subtropical monsoon climate, with hot, humid and rainy weather. Bangladesh is known as the "Hometown of Mizusawa" and the "Country of River Ponds" and is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. There are more than 230 large and small rivers across the country, and the total length of inland waterways is about 6000 kilometers. There are about 500,000 to 600,000 ponds across the country, with an average of about 4 ponds per square kilometer. The river is densely packed, the river transport is developed, and the rainy season is prone to flood, and tropical hurricanes often occur.

When constructing a new project such as a tension membrane structure, it will definitely go through a long-term design discussion process before finally arriving at a design and construction plan that the engineer is satisfied with. This plan brings together the project ’s needs and preferences for the building, The most accurate construction plan came out of the tripartite ideas of the architect, such as a structure of the overall shape and an analysis of the internal forces of the structural designer. Of course, there will definitely be some small errors. For example, the slope design or boundary position of the membrane surface is not ideal in actual construction, and it will require architectural designers to make adjustments at any time in the project. After frequent appearance, designers will come up with certain design tips.

 For the drainage situation of the fabric membrane surface, we must pay attention to the design of good slope in advance. Because if this special roof is not drained, it will cause a large area of water to accumulate on the roof under rain or wet conditions. Once the water is not effectively drained, the water will cause a film surface. Excessive bearing pressure in a local area causes roof deformation and even affects other functional characteristics, greatly reducing its own service life.

 In order to avoid the above problems in the membrane structure building, counter-current drainage treatment can be adopted on the membrane surface, and the accumulated water is drained to the ground uniformly by installing a powerful sewage tank location. The other is to use conventional pipes for drainage, but the difference is that the pipes are embedded in the interior, which is more beautiful for the shape and shape, and the relatively troublesome is that they need to be checked internally.

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