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December 07,2019

The Republic of Madagascar, referred to as Madagascar. It is an African island country located in the western Indian Ocean. It faces the African continent across the Strait of Mozambique. The whole island is made up of volcanic rocks. As the number one island in Africa and the fourth largest in the world, Madagascar is rich in tourism resources. Since the 1990s, the government has listed tourism as a key development industry and encouraged foreign investors to invest in tourism.

The topography of Madagascar is divided into five types: 1. The central part of the central plateau is 1000-2000 meters above sea level, strewn with plains, hills, mountains, and basins; 2. the eastern part is an uneven hillside with a width of 25-100 kilometers ; 3. The west is plain and plateau area, the terrain is undulating; 4. The south is mainly plain, the terrain is relatively gentle; 5. The north is dominated by basin, the terrain is complicated, it is volcanic and karst landform, and the Chalatana Mountain is 2876 meters above sea level. M, the highest peak in the country.

Madagascar has a unique topography, and the climate varies greatly from place to place. The eastern part belongs to the tropical rain forest climate. It is humid and hot all year round. The annual precipitation reaches 2000-3800 mm and the annual average temperature is about 24 ℃. The central plateau belongs to the tropical plateau climate with mild climate. The annual precipitation is 1000-2000 mm and the annual average temperature is about 18 ℃. The west is on the leeward side with less precipitation and belongs to the savanna climate. The annual precipitation is 600-1000 mm and the annual average temperature is about 26.6 ° C. The southern region is a semi-arid climate with annual precipitation below 600 mm and the annual average. The temperature is about 25.4 ° C. Affected by the monsoon, the island has a dry season from April to October, and a rainy season from November to March. The capital Antananarivo is about 1,200 meters above sea level, with an average annual temperature of 18 ° C.

The location of the Bemaraha Stone Forest is in the west of Madagascar. This place has an amazing huge stone. Two hundred million years ago, this stone was honed by years and became like a sharp sword. It was erected in the forest. Very Spectacular.

Isaru skylight, the rocks here have been running through the years and become very beautiful like a window. When standing on the road, you can see the beautiful grassland through the skylight. When the sun goes down, the scenery here is particularly beautiful. Looking at the beautiful sunset through the skylight, there is a smell of grassland everywhere, very close to nature. The light of the sunset through the skylight illuminates every corner and looks very warm. I suggest you come and play at night.

The baobab tree is very famous in the local area. It is a very common animal in Madagascar. Here, two baobab trees grow together, and the branches stick to each other. They look like a couple in love. The same, very sweet, many local couples come here to secretly promise, hoping to be with each other all their lives. The baobab is very famous in the local area. Many people say that the wishes made here can be fulfilled. Those who want to ask for true love can come here to make vows for each other. With the witness of the baobab, I hope you Can find each other's true love.

St. Mary's Island is very famous in the local area. The scenery of Mary Island is really intoxicating. There are also many swimming and recreational projects. St. Mary Island holds a whale festival once a year. Standing on this island, you can see it well. Whales are also very clear. In September and July, there will be many whale infestations, so you can choose to travel in July or September, so maybe you can even encounter cute whale, I suggest you can The scenery that comes here at night is very beautiful. The roadside lights are shining on the lake. It is very beautiful.

The location of Nosy Be is northwest of Madagascar. Nosy Be is the largest coast of Madagascar and it is also very famous locally. It attracts a large number of tourists to come and watch. The beach here is the most beautiful beach in the world. The sand is very delicate, the sky is very blue, and the white clouds are very white. Everything is very good-looking. Just like the comics in dreams, friends who like to take pictures can take a camera to record this beautiful memory in front of them.

Bemaraha Park, Bemaraha Park is very famous in the local area. The buildings here are made of rocks. After years of running-in, they have become more and more refined. You can see in Bemaraha Park. The magnificent river valley, the water in the river valley is very clean, so clear that you can see the corals inside, as well as the small fish, you can stand in the nearby viewing area and watch this beautiful Bemaraha park, this area in front of you Beautiful, really intoxicating.

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