Supporting Facilities for Residential Areas with Modern Shade Structures in Gambia

March 27,2020

The Republic of the Gambia is located at 13 ° 28 'north latitude, 16 ° 39' west longitude, western Africa, and west of the Atlantic Ocean. The coastline is 48 kilometers long and covers an area of 10690 square kilometers.

In terms of the shelter structures itself, in addition to its unique decorative effect, it can be more difficult to meet the requirements of other architectural forms through its rich and convenient form. In addition to some iconic buildings (sculptures, flower beds, fountains, etc.) in a residential area, it must not lack necessary supporting facilities.

1.Business club
This is a comprehensive facility with leisure, entertainment, shopping and other facilities for owners who will stay in the community in the future. The space on the top floor is also fully utilized as an outdoor cafe. Similarly, the fabric tension building here will also be combined with lighting facilities, echoing the membrane structure on the roof of the residential building to form a colorful nighttime landscape of the community.
2. Entrance and exit of underground garage

 At present, most middle-to-high-end residential areas have garages, and the use of membrane structures in the design of the entrance and exit of the garage is a creative idea. Although this medium-membrane structure garage entrance is no longer a new concept abroad, but the domestic membrane structure is still in an emerging stage. A newly designed and cleverly conceived membrane structure garage entrance not only plays the building performance of ordinary building materials, but also adds highlights to the community environment.

3.parking lot 
 With the acceleration of urban modernization, cars have become an indispensable means of transportation in any city. Due to the rapid development of the automobile industry in China, the number of cars owned by cities has increased exponentially, but urban construction planning has not been able to adapt to this development requirement as quickly as possible, and often there is no place for parking. Therefore, the issue of parking lots should be fully considered in the planning of construction groups, and the construction and planning of parking lots as an important part of modern urban construction planning has become increasingly important. Similarly, fabric structures also play an important role in the construction of parking lots.
People living in modern cities have stepped from the past social behavior for the purpose of earning a living to a new level for the purpose of "music life", and have pursued a spiritually healthy, pleasant and humane cultural environment. The modern built environment is a comprehensive representation of modern cities, modern culture and society, and the lives and concepts of modern people. In terms of showing people's individuality, self-entertainment and diversified environmental spaces, the membrane structures architecture, with its unique architectural form, will surely be used more and more widely in environmental construction.

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