The Features of Camping Dome Tents,Tourist Hotels Resort

October 12,2020

With the urban people's quality of life getting higher and higher, a new way of life is more and more accepted by most people, that is: close to nature at zero distance, so many people put forward the concept of life in hotel tents and tourism landscape. That is to say, living in nature temporarily, so a variety of new tourist hotels, resorts, tree houses, farms.
1.Energy saving and emission reduction


Traditional fixed buildings require a large amount of cement and sand with a limited span. Whether they are built or disassembled, a large amount of construction waste is discharged, and the materials required for spherical tents can be recycled. From construction to disassembly, no construction waste is left. Really green. In the future, it can also be moved and disassembled according to the planning needs, without permanently occupying land resources.


2. Low carbon and environmental protection can be recycled and reused, low cost
The spherical tent building not only saves materials, but also reduces the labor of a large amount of cement and sand. Compared with the high price of fixed buildings, the budget of fabricated spherical tents is within a reasonable range or even low, and the maintenance cost is low.
3.Sturdy structure and strong wind resistance


The spherical tent structure is more sturdy, and the wind resistance can reach level 10.


4. Short construction period
The spherical tent has the advantages of simple structure, light material, small amount of engineering, and can be quickly set up on site using customized accessories, thereby shortening the construction period.
5.Long service life
Geodesic dome tents can last up to 15 years.
6, specifications can be customized according to actual needs.

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