Steel Structure Coal Shed Design-High Quality Tensile Membrane Roof

April 15,2020

In some countries with abundant mineral resources, due to the huge amount of output, they occupy a lot of places. Many open-air coal mining cities, because of the large amount of land occupied, seriously damage the environmental hygiene. With the development of the coal industry and the improvement of national environmental protection requirements, large-capacity coal sheds, coal bunkers or fully enclosed coal storage yards have become necessary to improve environmental protection.

In the field of large-scale construction, closed coal yards, landfills, sewage treatment plants, and some places where the environment is deteriorating, it is necessary to popularize coal sheds, inflatable membranes and tension fabric canopy.

Textile Membrane Coal shed. With steel structure and membrane structure as the carrier, the span is large, and it is covered with a layer of PVC membrane. It has excellent self-cleaning function, not only has good chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, weather resistance, and radiation resistance. In addition to radiation performance, it also has special properties such as piezoelectricity, dielectricity, and thermoelectricity.

Mechanical properties: The thickness is between 0.8-1.2mm, the tensile strength is 5000-8000N / 5cm, and the tensile strength is half that of steel.

Optical performance: The light transmittance can reach 6-8%, the transmitted light produces uniform diffused light inside the structure, without shadow and glare.

Fire resistance: It has excellent flame retardancy and high temperature resistance, meeting the fire protection requirements of many countries such as China, the United States, Japan, France, and Germany.

Self-cleaning performance: easy to clean attached stains, rainwater will gather on the surface of the water and flow down, so that the membrane surface can be cleaned naturally.

Corrosion resistance: resistant to various strong acids and alkalis, non-flammable, and aging resistant.

Therefore, coal sheds built with types of membrane structures are more environmentally friendly than traditional buildings.

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