Modern High Quality Membrane Construction ,Fabric Building in Kazakhstan

April 03,2020

The Republic of Kazakhstan is a landlocked country located in Central Asia, with an area of 2,724,900 square kilometers, accounting for about 2% of the earth's land surface area, and the territory spans Asia and Europe. The total length of the national border is more than 10,500 kilometers. It is the largest landlocked country in the world. The name of the country comes from its main ethnic Kazakh.The flexibility of the tensile architecture structures is just right for it.

Fabric structure buildings breaks the traditional architectural structure and has beautiful shapes, elegant nature, art and mechanics. It can give full play to the architect's imagination and create a variety of shapes with rich colors. The membrane structure is known as the 21st century Modern high-tech green building.

1. Thrifty energy
The architectural membrane material itself has good light transmittance, and the light transmittance is about 7% ~ 20%. No artificial lighting is required for daytime applications, and it can fully meet the needs of various sports competitions and other activities; the refractive index of the tensile shade structures material to light is above 70% Under the sunlight, soft astigmatism forms in the room, giving a comfortable and dreamlike feeling.

2. Secure application
Because of its light weight and good seismic performance comparison; the modern shade structure is a flexible structure that can tolerate large displacements and is not easy to collapse; and the membrane material is generally flame retardant and is not easy to cause fire.

3. Wide range of applications
In terms of area, fabric roof structures can be as small as a single tent, a garden piece, or a building covering tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of square meters.

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