Glamping Tent House: Spending Time in Nature Should Not Mean Giving Up Comfort

April 07,2020

In the cartoon "Madagascar 2", the scene of large animals are running on the African plains. It is undoubtedly the most magnificent place on Africa, where large wild animals live leisurely and freely. From the endless plains to the purple mountains, to the steaming river bank, to the huge granite fortress, wherever you go, there is a pure African scene.

In the Serengeti prairie, the starting point of the animal migration will stage the most spectacular wild animal show on the planet.

Do you want to witness in person? Glamping tent can help you experience the magnificence and magnificence of that grand sight while you do not have to give up comfort. From the luxury tents with comfortable interiors, you can overlook the vast grassland like thick carpets. These tents evoke the memories of the high life in Africa in the past.

Each eco-friendly tent has suite facilities, including toilets, washbasins and shower facilities. The outside and interior design of cabins can be customized.

Lying in the cozy lodges and facing the endless savanna,large groups of buffaloes, small groups of giraffes and elephants, tens of millions of antelopes, impalas and gazelles can be seen from afar.

This is a must-have place for animal migration. You can follow the camp off-road vehicle to the depths of the grassland to see the thrill of lion hunting, and you can also experience the spectacular view from the hot air balloon.

BDiR Inc. has a professional operation team, which can provide investors with complete solutions and services from camp planning to hotel resort tent interior configuration. We can provide a variety of hotel tent products, including single-top tents, conch-shaped tents, pumpkin-shaped tents, etc. In addition to meeting the needs of outdoor accommodation, they can also be used in leisure, entertainment, catering, public buildings and other areas. Interested, please feel free to come to consult.

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