What are the Thermal Insulation Measures for Geodesic Dome Kits

April 08,2020

Spring has arrived, but it still needs to keep warm in cold areas. The garden igloo geodesic dome is used as a semi-permanent building in outdoor camps. Facing the cold temperature, how does the spherical tent create a comfortable experience of cold resistance and warmth?
1.Insulation cotton lining

The dome house uses PVC knife-coated synthetic fiber cloth as the main material of the hotel tent, which can effectively play the role of windproof, waterproof and snow load. If you want to maintain the comfort of the internal temperature, you can add high-performance materials such as elastic cloth or thermal insulation cotton. Insulation cotton has the function of cold and heat insulation, and the elastic cloth can closely adhere the insulation cotton to the tarpaulin, so that the double insulation can better improve the indoor insulation effect. 

2.Insulated wall
In addition, there are hollow glass walls and metal insulation sandwich panel walls. These optional accessories have the characteristics of thermal insulation and play a key role in maintaining the stability and comfort of indoor temperature.
3.Temperature control equipment

The temperature control equipment inside the dome shaped buildings is also very important, for example, installing air conditioning, heating and other equipment in the tent hotel. If it is a particularly cold area, we will recommend you to use heating and stove equipment, including the outdoor terrace of the tent hotel, you can use outdoor heating equipment to create a high-end wild luxury dome tent hotel.

The accommodation experience of the modern dome is also closely related to the scenic environment, such as light intensity, outdoor weather is complex and diverse, and the severe weather is irresistible. There are many corresponding solutions. According to the actual situation of the camp or scenic area, we can provide you with a cost-effective tent hotel insulation Program and high-comfort living experience.

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