How to treat the developing domestic tent industry

November 02,2020

In the early days, the hotel was a hotel and the tent was a tent, and the combination of hotel tents only appeared in the later period, so what is the hotel tent like?

There are hotels everywhere in the city, and you can set up outdoor tents, but if you want to live in hotel tents outdoors, from the perspective of tourist experience, domestic tent hotels must have the hard conditions to bid farewell to traditional camping, without having to find places to set up tents, and do not have to endure Can not take a bath and ubiquitous mosquito bites, you can enjoy the standard of a star hotel outdoors.

The form of domestic hotel tents may not have been popular in our country 13 years ago, but it has achieved initial results. More precisely, it is in a stage of vigorous development. On the one hand, the country encourages the camping industry and the development of global tourism. On the other hand, it is As the market demand is prominent, people from all walks of life in the prosperous city all want more personalized tourism, and they want to get close to nature.

In addition, the environmental protection of hotel tents is less destructive to the land and easy to build, and hotel tents are by no means just ordinary folding tents. In domestic tent hotels, the room standard can reach the five-star standard, and there is no wind resistance, thermal insulation, and waterproof. Problem, so this form that can not only meet market demand, but also conform to the national support policy will definitely have a greater development in the future.

Tent hotels are basically built in scenic spots close to nature. They are decorated not inferior to the 5-star hotels built with cement in the city, but are better than the tranquility. In fact, tent hotels abroad are very mature, such as Banyan Tree Maldives, Four Seasons Hotel, etc. There are tent hotels of various sizes scattered in various national parks, enjoying absolute privacy and landscape, and more intimate butler service.

The above is about the future of hotel tents. How do you view the development of domestic tent hotels? In our country, hotel tents will become more and more common. If you want to know more, please pay attention to BDiR Inc.

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