How to Find a Professional Eco Structure Tent Company?

November 12,2019

The Eco Structure tents replace the traditional architectural forms with its immediacy, large span, natural lighting, long life and beautiful appearance to achieve your various requirements for the outdoor hotel building. It can also be easily migrated or extended if your needs change. This flexibility is very beneficial in today's rapidly changing environment. For some special environmental conditions, compared with traditional buildings, hotel tent building can better reflect their form and material advantages.

The self-cleaning performance of the hotel tent roof: PVC fabric is made of chemical surface treatment, its surface is dustproof, anti-pollution, anti-mold and has the comprehensive characteristics of maintaining the membrane surface itself. The PVDF membrane used by BDiR Hotel Tent Company has high self-cleaning performance. On the one hand, it prevents the aging of the base fabric and PVC coating and prolongs the life of the membrane. On the one hand, the surface is not ash, and the rainwater is aggregated. The surface of the membrane is naturally cleaned by the flow of water. We use membranes with a life span of 5-20 years depending on the application environment of the different products.

Advantages of the hotel tent:

. Transparency: The film material has light transmission properties, and the soft light enters the room not only makes people work indoors as outdoors, but also feels close to nature. Moreover, no lighting during the day can meet the needs of indoor lighting, saving a lot of electric energy consumption. That is environmental protection controls operating costs.

. Large span: large span, unobstructed space inside, providing the most practical space.

. Insulation: Double-layer insulation material is used to achieve thermal insulation and heat insulation.

. Low requirements: Achieve the lowest basic requirements without the need for an expensive concrete foundation.

. Beautiful and economical: the structure is sturdy and durable, the building appearance is novel and beautiful, the quality is high and the price is reasonable, and the economic benefit is obvious.

. Flexibility: Resale, relocation and scale-up, with good long-term investment value.

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