How can Outdoor Shade Structure be Shockproof?

April 27,2020

How can fabric tension structure buildings be shockproof? The construction of membrane structures often needs to consider the influence of natural factors. Earthquakes are one of the factors influencing natural disasters. Therefore, when constructing membrane buildings, earthquake prevention is one of the primary considerations of membrane structure engineering. We often see reports of earthquake disasters. Many buildings collapsed to the ground in an instant, and many people were sentimental for this. In recent years, the membrane structure has been welcomed by the construction industry because of its shockproof function. The membrane structure has brought the gospel to the construction industry. 

The presentation of the lightweight structures is actually high-tech products. These high-tech products can bring us a better quality of life and guarantee. As the saying goes, natural disasters and man-made disasters cannot be avoided, but we can use modern high-tech compensation to minimize disasters and losses, which is what we want to see. Membrane structure is a product with the best fire resistance and shock resistance. This high-tech construction product uses the best flame retardant ingredients and high temperature resistant ingredients in the membrane materials, which is also the best place for its shock resistance. In addition, its overall structure is very light, and even in the event of an earthquake, it will not cause much damage, which is also one of the reasons for the good earthquake resistance.

The shock resistance of the tensile roof structure is well known, and the membrane structure has fast installation, beautiful modeling, short construction period, and variability in the curved surface. Its deformation ability and expandability lead to the earthquake resistance of 10,000 times stronger than that of the traditional carport. Its structural composition is inseparable. In fact, the membrane structure is completed by four major processes such as body shape planning, initial balance planning, load analysis, and cutting analysis. As for any membrane structure, there is no stress-free condition at any time, so its rigidity and stability are very strong. Therefore, its cutting should be completed under the condition of accurate structural deformation and stress, which also creates a place with extremely strong earthquake resistance.

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