Eco Luxury Hotel Can Also Protect the Environment

October 10,2020

Despite the increasing awareness of environmental protection, environmental problems are still serious. In addition to cutting down on paper and refusing to use disposable chopsticks in daily life, people are also advocating green travel and other options that have the least impact on the environment.

On the choice of accommodation, many people deviate from the traditional star hotels and prefer outdoor camping. However, outdoor camping is often not as good as imagined, such as large temperature difference between day and night, many small insects, the morning infiltration of fog. All these result in poor sleep and camping experiences. Is it so hard to get close to nature?

Luxury Hotel Tent

Fortunately, smart people have never stopped their love of nature while pursueing comfort at the same time. The birth of glamping hotel solves the problem that many people are not used to sleeping outdoors but want to be close to the nature. Luxury tented hotel, as the name implies, is a hotel built with tents, rapidly assembling and construction.

The materials of the eco hotel are environmentally friendly, mainly made of metal frame and coated PVC, which is easy to transport. There are no restrictions on the construction sites, such as the beach, lawn, cement ground, or even the mountain, causing lowest impact on the landscape. The tented hotel adopts modular structure, all parts will be prefabricated in the factory. So it is very quick and easy assemble on-site. Besides, the whole process does not need to consume water and soil, producing no pollution to the surrounding environment.

While making up for the immobility of traditional buildings, there are many styles of luxury camping tents to meet the needs of different places, scenic spots.

BDiR Inc., as a supplier of design, manufacturing and construction of luxury tent, provides 30-80 square meters of eco tents, including geodesic dome tents, double-peak luxury tents, single-peak tents, herringtop tents. All kinds of furniture can be placed in the tent, and independent bathroom can be placed, equipped with water, electricity, network, etc., together to create a boutique-hotel-like accommodation for ourdoor-lovers.

With the luxury tented hotel, you will find that it's not hard to get close to nature, and the romantic experience of sleeping with mountains and stars. As a non-standard building, tent hotel can be temporarily set up on some non-construction land, which can provide accommodation space for many tourists in the peak tourist season and reduce the pressure of accommodation in scenic spots.

BDiR Inc. has a professional operation team, which can provide investors with complete solutions and services from camp planning to hotel resort tent interior configuration. We can provide a variety of hotel tent products, including single-top tents, conch-shaped tents, pumpkin-shaped tents, etc. In addition to meeting the needs of outdoor accommodation, they can also be used in leisure, entertainment,catering,public buildings and other areas. If you're tnterested, don't hesitate to contact us!

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