Use Innovative Half Sphere Large Geodesic Dome Tent to Create the Most High-Profile Stage Scene

May 18,2020

The advantages of transparent half shaped clear large commercial dome  in application:
The material of the half geodesic dome is the same as that of the spherical tent. The specially treated galvanized pipe frame and PVC coated tarpaulin make it also have excellent weather resistance and long service life outdoors!

The half dome tent structure brings an open space. The combination of the outer structure and the truss improves the aesthetics and practicality. It can hang a variety of stage lights, advertising signs, decorations, etc. in exhibitions, projections, concerts, music festivals, etc. There are quite amazing effects on the event application!

Although the dome tent is semi-circular, for large-scale performances, the open hemisphere space can provide a safe environment for stage performances, and at the same time enable the audience to enjoy the carnival under the stage and instantly ignite the atmosphere of the event. Bring unexpected effects to the event!
At present, for large-scale events such as concerts, concerts, event performances, we can provide customized oversized round shade half dome tent, with the colorful lights and music on the field, to create a unique large hemispheric performance stage for the event!

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