Discussion On The Operation Mode Of Glamping Tents

July 15,2021

In view of the current status of the tourism market, the high-end tourism market has a greater demand for luxury camping hotel. High-end tourists hope to have a luxurious living experience, hope to return to nature, return to the truth, and hope to get the best tourism and living experience.

Although the tent hotel does not have the burden of heavy assets, the tent itself, the layout of the tent hotel, the operation of the hotel, and the supporting services require a lot of investment. The operating model of a tent hotel may have many similarities with traditional hotels in terms of business model and management services, but may be quite different in terms of marketing models. When marketing a tent hotel, we must first pay attention to the product itself. Different tourism markets and different tourist groups have different requirements for the style of the tent hotel. Secondly, we must also pay attention to the needs of the market and the changes in the overall environment during the stage. Before entering a certain market, tent hotels often fully understand the local cultural characteristics and folk customs, and attract tourists through localization, authenticity, and integration with the natural environment, and truly interact with local residents and local characteristics. This is the essence of eco glamping tents marketing, and it is the difference between tent hotel operations and traditional hotels.

The pricing strategy of tent hotels should not be divorced from the market. The pricing strategies of different tourist areas are different, and the standard pricing strategies of different tent hotels are also different. Only pricing that conforms to market laws can quickly adapt to the market. In the promotion of luxury glamping tents, in addition to its own media promotion platform, social platforms for experiencers can also be widely used, and travel media platforms are also a good choice.

In short, the effect of tent hotels in large-scale promotion has gradually become prominent, but how to ensure the multiple use needs of existing tent hotel customers and how to develop the living experience of new customers remains to be resolved. Although tent hotels have a lot of market space, they still face challenges in operation.

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