Membrane Structure Building Blooms Everywhere

July 14,2021

Membrane structure building "blooms everywhere" reflects the inevitability of development

As the saying goes, any beautiful new thing, once it conforms to the trend of social development and the recognition of the current society, it will have strong vitality and great development prospects. This principle seems to be the same for the rapidly developing membrane structure buildings. After a short period of development, the tensile membrane structure has now occupied an important development position in the construction industry. It has formed a situation of "blooming everywhere" throughout the country and even the world, and is the leader in the construction field.

For example, in the era when membrane structure carports were not widely used, traditional carports can be seen everywhere, but they are unsightly. House-style battery car parking sheds and carports made of welded iron sheets are everywhere. Although they have the effect of sheltering from wind and rain, for the rapid development of urbanization in my country, these carports form a sharp contrast with the image of the prosperous city, and the membrane structure The emergence of the carport broke this deadlock. Its unique large span and sense of space have shaped people's shapes in addition to being beautiful, and also left people more room for imagination.

Whether we admit it or not, new things are indeed invincible, just as the emergence of membrane structures cannot be replaced by contrast products. Just as color TVs defeated black-and-white TVs, today's smart flat-panel TVs have also defeated the smash hit color TVs. From a philosophical point of view, this is an important law of materialist dialectics and an inevitable conclusion drawn from the principle of the unity of advancement and tortuousness of development. It also denies only the important content of the law. The emergence and development of membrane structure represents the development direction of membrane structure in the industry and conforms to the objective law of the development of things.

Secondly, we say that new things have incomparable advantages over old things. The development of membrane structure relies on its unique advantages, which are not available in traditional buildings. Membrane structure buildings have the advantages of large span, artistry, economy, safety, self-cleaning, short construction period, and wide application. This is in line with the direction of social development and is the reason why people recognize membrane structure buildings. It is economic development The inevitable law is the embodiment of the loneliness of traditional architecture.

The "bloom everywhere" of membrane structure buildings is the inevitable development. Looking forward to the future development trend, membrane structure buildings will have more room for development. Now is just the beginning. We look forward to the peak of development of membrane structure buildings.



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