Airborne Planet Wild Luxury Tent Villa, 360-Degree View

November 12,2020

Integrate with nature, yet enjoy high-end accommodation services,
In foreign countries, tent wild luxury vacation has been listed as one of the top vacation experiences.
These hotels are often expensive and hidden in secrets that are rarely disturbed by tourists.
However, he was obsessed with senior hotel controllers and rich people, and spent a lot of money to stay for one night.

And you don't have to think it is out of reach, because Anji at your door can let you experience the romance of wild luxury vacation.

Anji Xilong Tea Valley Hotel, hotel guests in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai must be familiar with it.
Surrounding 10,000 acres of tea gardens, a chain of resort hotels with a touch of destination style is built on the lakeside. Get special food, scenic spots, leisure travel, outdoor sports, camping and picnics in one place...giving you an extremely rich enjoyment in the lazy autumn and winter;

It is also the first top wild luxury tent hotel in China. It is located in the tea garden valley, isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are only endless stretches of tea hills and lush green tea trees in the mountains, with its own secluded resort atmosphere;

The hotel has 25 stylish guest rooms, including 12 sets of tent villas and 1 set of technologically explosive Xingyueju.

The tent villas are located in the most pleasant places in the tea garden, blooming like "umbrella" in the tea garden by the lake. The panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass windows and the large outdoor terrace are closely integrated with the surrounding nature.


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