PVC Fabric Geodesic Dome Tent Houses at the Scenic Spot

November 13,2020

Geodesic dome construction are widely used in holiday villas, tourist attractions, ecological health and health complexes, bubble tent house dome in forest parks, accommodation rooms, rest pavilions, green ecological restaurants, health and entertainment supporting areas, etc., and are also a collection of theme culture, scientific research and planting, The cultural tourism and agricultural tourism art town that integrates ecotourism and health care and vacation provides green food planting experience areas, ecological health care areas, etc.

As a semi-permanent building, the glass domed igloo has a unique spherical shape, strong ornamental, high 360-degree dome space experience, ecological environment, does not damage the land ecology, the geodesic dome shade has the advantages of green production, green installation, and green operation.

The location of the 2 room family dome tent is suitable for the mountain forest and grassland, the lake with a wide view, the mountain resort or the top of the mountain, etc. It is suitable for various terrains and has strong flexibility. For outdoor camping enthusiasts, the tent house can be called luxury camping, the most cost-effective carrier. In the circular tent space, you can arrange your own living room as you like, and the space utilization rate is also extremely high.

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How to Choose a Starry Sky Dome Tent?

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Large Outdoor Event Dome Tent Design for GAC Acura Exhibition

November 27,2020

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