Why Tensile Structure Choose EFFE Membrane?

November 08,2019

ETFE membrane has good engineering and technical characteristics, such as strong tearing, high tensile strength, medium hardness, impact resistance, long telescopic life, good decoration, bright colors, shiny and pleasant, self-cleaning and so on. Make it a new type of building material.

The application of ETFE tensile structure has become the trend of the world. The corridor channel canopy, interior decoration and roofing tensile structure made by ETFE tensile structure are all made by ETFE tensile structure. Not only the shape has translucent characteristics, but also the visual sense. A unique construction. The ETFE tensile structure is particularly suitable for use in indoors where there is a need for sunny, bright sights.

ETFE membranes are superior quality alternatives in transparent building structures and have proven to be a reliable and economical roofing material for many years in many projects. The roof and wall made of this membrane material are light in weight, only 1% of the same size of glass; good toughness, high tensile strength, not easy to be torn, ductility greater than 400%; weather resistance and chemical resistance Strong, melting temperature up to 200 ° C, and will not spontaneous combustion.

The ETFE tensile structure can become a wave in the construction field because it has far more artistic expression than other building materials, and its soft and tailorable characteristics can basically satisfy various forms. Modern architecture, while paying attention to practicality, also requires the building itself to have a certain ornamental value, and it is best to leave a deep impression on the pedestrians.

Where is the attractive aspect of the ETFE tensile structure? Of course, in terms of many advantages in line with the needs of the masses, long life, high self-cleaning, beautiful ETFE tensile structure design, etc., the transparency of the ETFE tensile structure itself is not a beauty, used for decorative design, combined with lighting effects, the night scene is also beautiful. Now!

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