Why Chose Geodesic Dome Tent for Greenhouse?

November 12,2019

Because of its unique reticulated shell structure, the geodesic dome greenhouse can make the structural force flow uniform and the force is reasonable. Therefore, the geodesic dome greenhouse canopy has better stability and weather resistance than the ordinary greenhouse. and it also has better insulation effect. The new geodome greenhouse canopy is very popular on the greenhouse market!

At the same time, due to the superiority of the structure, the spherical dome tent can easily create a large-span greenhouse. In addition to the conventional standard 3-50 m diameter geodome tents, BDiR Inc. can also be customized with 50-100 m diameter super large geodesic dome tents to create thousands of square meters of huge greenhouse. And we can also use the channel to combine a number of dome tents of different sizes to create a number of different types of greenhouse gardens to form a large greenhouse group!

The geodesic dome greenhouse plays a big role in modern agriculture. It has high space utilization, reasonable layout, unlimited creativity, good greenhouse control, cost-effect and flexible construction. The spherical tent can create a small ecology farmes in any terrain ,  it can also build large dome greenhouses to meet the needs of greenhouse botanical gardens in different situations.The geodesic dome greenhouse is greatly promoting the current development of tourism agriculture and greenhouse farming industry!

The frame of the spherical greenhouse canopy is made of galvanized iron pipe with extremely high hardness, and the surface is dust-treated. The frame is not easy to be rusted and is very durable. It can be used for 20-30 years, and the top is made of double-layer PVC/PVDF fabric membrane. It can be used for 5-15 years under normal conditions, and we can also provide a fully transparent fabric membrane suitable for greenhouse use and a complete geodesic dome tent kit to meet the different needs of the spherical tent!

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