What are Advantages of Hotel Tent as a Lightweight&Green Building?

November 11,2019

The average person will not go to nature to spend the night without any preparation, because the outdoor accommodation is rather harsh, many people can not fit and can not harvest a comfortable rest. However, outdoor camping often has a unique view, attracting many people who love nature and dare to try it without fear of harsh environment. Why can't the outdoor camping environment have a comfortable & luxurious stay? Because traditional hotel architectural design often requires solid and smooth foundation construction, and various reinforced concrete construction will destroy the fragile ecological environment. The luxury tent house is a semi-permanent lightweight&green building that will not damage the environment. What advantages does the tent hotel have as a lightweight building?

First of all, the resort tent is a lightweight fitting-type modular building that can be moved and disassembled autonomously. The modular production of steel components, wood and waterproof fabric membrane roof is the main material. The construction is not restricted by land use. It can be quickly built under various terrains such as rivers, rivers, forests, grasslands, etc. It can better form a unique theme with local environmental, cultural, ecological and other natural and human factors.

Secondly, the planning of the scenic spot, reasonable construction and installation, the tent resort can directly deliver the operation of the scenic spot, reducing the involvement of third parties and making it easier to manage. The waste water generated during the use of the tent hotel is naturally degraded by decentralized microbial wastewater treatment technology, which solves the problem of municipal facilities in the mountainous area. In addition, the whole construction and transportation can be adopted. The tent hotel frame material can be directly transported to the scenic spot by truck, and can be installed in a few days.

Finally, the tent house has a wide range of applications, in addition to meeting the market demand, can be applied to homestays, boutique inns, campsites, nature education schools, cultural creation, ecological breeding, and other industries, can also bring the surrounding environment, such as camping, Special tourism activities and cultural creations in the form of hiking, horse riding, mountain climbing, sightseeing, recreation and recreation, and nature education.

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