What is the Difference between a Glamping Tent and a Camping Tent?

March 09,2020

Today, the concept of "wild luxury" has become a new direction for more and more hotel&resort&hospitality developers. "Wild" is nature, which represents a place of natural beauty. "Glamping" is luxurious and reflects luxury and comfort. Therefore, the unique style of wild luxury hotel tents was born. But the question has come. They are also  camping accommodation in the wild. What is the difference between a tent in a wild luxury hotel and a camping tent?

Camping tent: It is a temporary camping place for tourists to quickly set up outdoors. Outdoors can protect from rain, wind, sun, ventilation and warmth (but within the tolerance range specified by the tent). At the same time, the biggest feature is easy installation, easy to carry, and wide applicability. However, the disadvantages are also particularly prominent. 1. Poor accommodation experience. 2. Short service life. 3. Small area.

Glamping Tent: The Luxuey Hotel Tent is a prefabricated temporary living place that breaks geographical restrictions and brings boutique luxury hotel services to nature to experience a long-forgotten quiet life. The materials required to build a hotel tent are a combination of steel structure, aluminum alloy, waterproof tarpaulin, glass wall, etc., which can withstand strong winds of class 8 ~ 10, safe and stable, and more suitable for long-term outdoor use. At the same time, the indoor use area is extremely spacious. It can be equipped with a full range of daily necessities, furniture, and bathrooms to provide a comfortable living environment, and can be quickly dismantled and transferred under any terrain.

It can be seen that although both are tents, both the appearance and the overall structure are very different, so it can be concluded that:

Camping tents are mainly light and fast, and are generally suitable for sparsely populated outdoor activities such as field trips and mountaineering adventures. As for the limited use of tent space, it is bound to be lacking in rest comfort. At the same time, tents in the wild countryside will inevitably make people feel insecure.

The Yeshi Hotel tent is simply to move a super-luxury five-star hotel to nature, so that everyone in the city who has lived in the city for a long time can experience a "entertainment" from nature. It is comfortable to walk into the tent, and it is a scenery to walk out of the tent. The scenery and comfort are seamlessly connected, so the wild luxury hotel tent can be said to be a high-end living place, which is more suitable for scenic tourism and leisure tourism restaurants.

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