Dome Tents Set Off a Heat Wave in the Ecological Resort

October 10,2020

Geodesic dome tents is a new type of outdoor tent with an approximately spherical shape. Due to its strong structure and high comfort, spherical tents have set off a wave of heat waves in agricultural ecological resorts in recent years. Because of its unique and beautiful shape and changing tarpaulin design style, the spherical tent has become a symbol of each agro-ecological park resort, highlighting the characteristic charm of the agro-ecological park.

The spherical tent can be small and exquisite, with a magnificent momentum, transparent and bright, colorful and advanced design with a round top, close to the perfect shape and size, free use of space, and advanced structural design make the construction quicker and the wind resistance more secure Ideally, it can easily become a stand-alone semi-permanent landmark.

Is the dome tent easy to install and build?
The installation and construction of the spherical tent is quite simple and convenient. A 6-meter diameter spherical tent can be easily constructed by 3 people. Spherical tents have very low requirements for building sites, such as grass, beaches, jungles, and hillsides. There are corresponding building and fixing methods for different terrains, and the building has less damage to the surrounding environment and high integration.
After being fixed normally, the spherical tent can withstand the strong wind of class 8-10, and bear 1m of snow thickness, depending on the selected material and fixing method.

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