The Categories and Characteristics of the Tensile Membrane Structure Gymnasium

February 26,2020

Due to the light transmittance of the film, daylight can form slow light through the film, so that the film covers almost the same natural effect as the outdoor space, so the film structure can create a space form comparable to the natural environment.
Tensile Membrane structure is used in more and more buildings, in addition to Tensile Membrane structure gymnasium, as well as hall decoration, patio, four seasons hall, zoo and botanical garden, park square, observation deck, stage, sports stands, cultural entertainment, etc. Begin to use the film structure.

The Tensile Membrane structure gymnasium can be divided into two categories, namely the structure film structure gymnasium and the inflatable film structure gymnasium.

Tensile Membrane structure
The main components of the structural Tensile Membrane structure stadium are membrane materials, steel structures and steel cables, different membranes and steel cables, and their performance and price are different. Structure class modeling can be divided into the following two categories:

1. Skeleton Tensile Membrane structure Gymnasium: This type of Tensile Membrane structure is fixed on delicate steel, space trusses or other solid structures, called the skeleton Tensile Membrane structure gymnasium.
2. Tension Tensile Membrane structure Gymnasium: This type of Tensile Membrane structure gymnasium is constructed using only a simple support system and the tensile properties of the film material itself. Different from the traditional structure, the Tensile Membrane structure is made of flexible film and cable as the main force material. In order to carry out the engineering design of the Tensile Membrane structure stadium

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