What is the Design Principles for Eco-Type Tent Hotels?

November 12,2019

The Eco-Tent Hotel camp/ resort is designed to use the right technology at the right time and under the right conditions to develop a camping & tourmis space that protects environment and conserves resources. According to different topography, landform and ecological environment system, consider energy saving, water saving, convenient and beautiful, appropriate and other factors to provide people with a luxury&confortable living environment. Create a building ecosystem and design the eco structure tent into a harmonious and benign cycle of artificial ecosystems. The principle is based on the intermediary position of architecture structures between humans and nature, mainly in four aspects:

1. Protection and respect for the natural ecological environment. The protection and respect for the ecological environment is fundamental to the existence of an ecological tent hotel. Embody a sense of environmental symbiosis. This kind of protection and respect is mainly reflected in: when carrying out the orientation, positioning and layout of buildings, fully consider the use of topography, site climatic conditions and impact on vegetation, reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency and reduce building pairs. The destruction of the natural environment. Consider using renewable resources as much as possible in your design. Use local technology and materials whenever possible. Properly develop land resources and save construction land.

2. the concern for users, eco-tent hotels should also give users enough care when paying attention to environmental protection. That is mean use natural methods to create a good temperature and humidity environment, acoustic environment, and light environment as much as possible, while minimizing energy consumption while ensuring or even improving comfort. Considering the user's human-machine scale, improving safety and convenience.

 3. Creating conditions for users to communicate with the natural environment. As a bridge between users and the natural environment, eco-structure lodge hotels should introduce natural elements as much as possible to users, which is also an embodiment of ecological principles. Here, architecture is no longer a thick barrier to human and natural environments, it will provide people with a new life. The introduction of natural elements to create conditions for users to communicate with the natural environment is another major goal pursued by tent hotels. Create an open space environment, create a good lighting, ventilation and convection environment to establish a natural air circulation system.

 4. Sufficient flexibility for future development The ecological concept is a dynamic idea, embodied in the design of the tent hotel, which is to make the ecological hotel have sufficient flexibility for the future. First, the tent store can be moved and the surrounding environment is reserved. Consider the variability of the interior decoration and facilitate the construction of daily maintenance.

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