What are the Preparations for the Installation of Tensile Structure Parking Shade?

November 12,2019

Now that tensile structure parking sheds are appearing more and more in our lives, do you know what preparations we need to make before the installation of tensile structure parking sheds? The following details are introduced:

1, According to the prefabrication and on-site installation of the factory, the transportation needs to have two overall plans, not separate operating instructions or skill cards for each process;

2, According to the construction layout design requirements, various materials, equipment and construction cable ropes;

3, Welders and other types of work before the on-the-job training, and check the qualifications after the employment certificate;

4, Welding skill identification: butt welding and fillet welding skills identification;

5. View, protect and inspect all measuring instruments and equipment;

6. 5 days before construction, relevant departments should be arranged. Various mechanical equipment should be used for repair during construction to prevent mechanical attack and construction during construction;

7. Before the construction personnel enters the construction site, the project department should arrange the construction personnel to carry out basic construction techniques, so that all kinds of construction personnel can master the operation methods and functions of the machines used in the construction, so as to be in the construction. Skilled operation. Separate construction tools.

8. Before the installation project begins, arrange the surveyor to check the longitudinal and lateral axis errors of the embedded components, the height of the embedded components, and the columns for each column. The viewing data is carefully recorded and the relevant data is copied to the project department leader, skill manager, construction staff and construction team. During the construction process, each construction group uses this data as a component device to adjust and correct the basis. The surveyor connects the main arch and the secondary arch on the ground back and makes measurement symbols at each return point.

9. After the processed parts are transported to the site, the person in charge of the skill arranges the full-time personnel to inspect the parts or semi-finished products (check the shape of the parts or semi-finished products, the quality of the appearance) welds, the certificate of the components and the welding). Check whether the joints of the tensile structure are checked. Wait, and check the data carefully.

When a component or semi-finished product is transferred in the next process, the constructor of the next process transfers with the checklist or semi-finished product transfer list.

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