What is the Cutting and Joining Method of Tension Structure?

November 12,2019

What is the method of cutting and joining the tension structural materials? Today, BDiR technicians introduce you and hope to help you better in your life.

1. The tension structure is generally not bent and bent. The tension used is a flat coil. Therefore, it is necessary to cut the flat tension according to specific planning requirements, and then splicing into an approximate space. Qu and. In addition to the force requirements of the tension, the selection plan must meet the visual requirements. This is because the way the top of the transparent film is not easy to see, but the dark seam formed by the film joint on the transparent ceiling can be seen from the inside. Cutting seams helps people understand the roof style and dimensions and increase the readability of the top shape of the film. Therefore, the image formed by the seam of the film is an important interior decoration method and a powerful thing reflecting the space.

2. For example, the layout of the house awning of the M9edina Mosque (Schock, 1997) clearly reflects the shape of the funnel-shaped umbrella top. The picture also has a typical Muslim architectural style with a strong decorative effect. The top-level movie plan of the Kuala Lumpur National Sports Center in Kuala Lumpur is more decorative. Patchwork is a circular curve dotted with several huge flower-shaped patterns, the center of the flower just happens to be the fulcrum of the film surface. The seam design of the floral picture clearly expresses its force connection and also helps to understand the overall shape of the film surface. The entire function of the ceiling is like floating a few petals on the moving surface.

Have you learned how the tension structure manufacturer's technicians cut and join tension structural materials? If you want to know more, stay tuned.

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