What are the Advantages of Tensile Membrane Structure Tents Lodges?

November 07,2019

What are the advantages of tensile membrane structure tents?

1. Strong modeling shape ability. Membrane fabric is a kind of soft material. Although it is soft, but it is far stronger than a series of sunshade materials such as sun sail panels. Therefore, many designers choice the membrane cloth to design sunshade structures.

2. The membrane fabric is a non-toxic polymer material. It has an odorless character and has no trace of taste after installation. In addition, it is a kind of anti-ultraviolet and reflective light, and has a very long service life. The general life span is more than 20 years.

3. The tensile membrane structure design includes steel structure design and membrane cloth design. Steel structure design should consider the challenges of a series of severe weather and natural destructive forces such as wind, rain, snow, hail, and earthquake. Therefore, the steel structure must be designed in accordance with the requirements of permanent construction. The design of the fabric cloth should consider the aesthetics and safety. Due to the particularity of the membrane film, its shape can be described as various, so the price of the membrane fabric is higher than that of the ordinary PVC material.

4. The post-cost maintenance cost of the membrane structure tent villas is low. In the later stage of the steel structure, the degree of corrosion of the steel structure should be checked regularly. Generally, the anti-rust inspection can be done in two years. The film cloth itself has a certain self-cleaning property. As long as there is a certain amount of rain every month in the local area, most of the dust can be washed away. Therefore, the membrane structure is also a one-time investment in consumer behavior.

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