What is Ecotourism?

November 08,2019

As countries increase their investment in ecological construction and environmental protection, local governments rely on the advantages of forests, grasslands, wetlands, and oceans to develop eco-tourism. More and more funds are beginning to flow into the field of eco-tourism. So what is ecotourism?

In the past few decades, with the popularization of environmental awareness, the importance of environmental protection zone management concepts and the transformation of the consumer market, a different from traditional mass tourism, the combination of tourism activities with ecological protection, environmental education and cultural experience. The type of tourism has gradually emerged. This form of tourism is called ecotourism. People of insight actively advocate the green wave of environmental protection, and people's awareness of environmental protection awakens.

Eco-tourism is not an innovative reform nor a concept that has only recently been proposed. It is gradually derived from the past ecological protection structure. The origins of eco-tourism are diverse, and there are more than 100 definitions of rough statistics. After years of development, there are certain basic methods and frameworks.

In 1965, Hetzer criticized the impact of tourism in developing countries in Links magazine. He suggested replacing the traditional sightseeing model with “Ecological Tourism”. This proposal is considered to be the first mention of ecotourism.

In 1983, Mexican conservation expert Ceballos-Lascurain first created the term "Ecotourism" to lobby for the protection of the wetlands of North Jugail as a breeding ground for American flamingo.

Eco-tourism is defined as: sustainable development as the concept, realizing the harmony between man and nature, preserving the ecological environment, relying on a good natural ecological environment and the human ecology coexisting with it, carrying out ecological experience, ecological cognition, Eco-education and a happy way to travel.

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