How to Repaire the Tension Membrane Structure?

November 08,2019

During the installation and use of the tension membrane structure, the membrane surface may be damaged or destroyed due to various reasons, such as leakage welding or weld seam peeling during membrane surface processing, and wear and sharp objects dragging on the ground or other structures during installation. Injury or puncture, accidental tearing when the membrane is hoisted or stretched, high-altitude falling objects or vandalism during use, etc., and these conditions need to be repaired in time.

First, the specific situation of membrane damage is different, the repair work can be divided into the following ways:
1. If only the surface coating of the local film is worn and the fiber of the base fabric is intact, it can be pasted or heat sealed in the wear area with high performance transparent glue.
2. If the length of the film surface damage is less than 50mm, cut an elliptical or circular film cloth and weld it as a reinforcing layer on the top of the damaged area.
3. If the length of the membrane damage is more than 50mm but less than 300mm, prepare a strip of length and width 150mm larger than the damage range, and weld it as a reinforcing layer on the membrane surface of the damaged area.
 4. If the membrane damage is more than 300mm long, the entire damaged unit should be removed and shipped back to the factory for repair or replacement of the entire unit.

Second, according to the different membrane structural materials, the specific repair methods are as follows:

1. The film material covered by PVC coating can be repaired by hot air blower; the area to be replenished is cleaned and laid flat, the patch is laid on the surface to be welded, and the PVC coating on the surface of the film is melted with hot air, and then the patch is The lower film is firmly connected by a small roller press. The above cases 1 to 3 are on-site repair, and the specific repair method depends on the type of film used.

2. For PTFE coated film, add a layer of fluorinated ethylene propylene film between the patch and the original damaged film; then press it on the patch with special portable welding equipment, and use high temperature to make fluorinated ethylene propylene film. Melt to weld the patch to the film surface. Pay attention to the heating temperature and heating time during the specific operation. The surface coating of the film to be welded or the FEP film should be fully melted to firmly adhere together, and the cause should be prevented. Overheated and burnt the film.

However, the repaired patches are generally applied to the outer surface. In humid climates, the same size patches should be welded to the inner and outer surfaces to prevent contamination of the repaired area due to moisture and mildew.

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