What is an Outdoor Wild Luxury Tent

June 30,2021

What is an outdoor wild luxury tent

Rustic luxury hotel, Literally explained, it is the perfect combination of mountains and luxury.

"Wild": On the one hand, it is the "wild" in region, geology, and landform, with natural beauty; on the other hand, it is the "wild" in hotel design, which is not only rough and wild, but also in perfect harmony with nature. Urban hotel architecture is completely different.

"Luxury": On the one hand, it is material "luxury", breaking the concept of material scarcity in the mountains and plains, and enjoying luxurious and comfortable material enjoyment even if the people are inaccessible. On the other hand, it is the spiritual "luxury", the perfect combination of art, civilization and nature, bringing a unique and unforgettable holiday experience to the residents.

Because of the extreme contrast, collision and blending of "wild" and "luxury", the most luxurious accommodation is created in the most primitive or wildest places. The appearance of wild luxury hotels is often simple, natural, and unpretentious, coexisting in harmony with the surrounding environment. They are man-made buildings designed together with nature rather than bluntly intruded into. The existence of wild luxury hotels in fact expresses people's closeness and dependence on nature and the ultimate dream of pursuing the unity of nature and man.

Please do not confuse wild luxury hotels with homestays. B&Bs and wild luxury are completely different accommodation formats, two different styles, and even two different consumer groups. The former pursues the original humanistic life, while the latter pursues the original natural scenery

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