How to Choose The Supporting Facilities in The Luxury Glamping Tent?

June 28,2021

With the development of cultural tourism, luxury glamping tent, a modular structure product, has been loved by the majority of camp developers. For scenic spots, such a construction method can provide a large amount of accommodation space, as well as interesting architectural shapes. The view of the camp.

Generally speaking, the configuration of glamping tent includes the configuration of the main frame structure, tarpaulin, door and window system, which is the main structure of the glamping pods. Besides, how to choose the supporting facilities of camping tent?

Floor structure
Although the platform system increases the construction cost of the camp Glamping Tent House, it can extend the area of ​​the glamping tent, and the spacious viewing terrace also improves the comfort of the glamping tent. The platform includes a prefabricated galvanized steel frame system and a wooden board platform system. The steel frame system can be used on flat or sloped surfaces, and the ground can be raised to between 0.5-1.5 meters above the ground, which not only ensures that the platform is on a horizontal surface , It can also achieve dry and wet separation between the accommodation floor and the outdoor floor. The floor has a variety of materials to choose from, usually 25-30mm anticorrosive wood floor with 3-4mm SPC lock floor, moisture-proof cushion is also essential.

Wall partition
Eco Tent Structures can divide and utilize the space freely, and is good at using walls to enrich your space. However, the choice of the wall is also very particular. In addition to the different colors and patterns of the surface, there are optional hard and soft materials. The hard wall also has an optional insulation sandwich material. Used in the northern winter, it can better resist the cold and effectively sound insulation , Moisture-proof.

Lighting facilities
Outdoor glamping tent lighting is very important. For the comfort of living, avoid light sources with high light intensity and not too dazzling. Try to choose warm light and soft lighting, except for the lighting inside the tent, if there is an outdoor viewing terrace. Wall lamps and floor lamps are also involved. When choosing these outdoor lamps, waterproofing should be taken into consideration, and on this basis, the shape of the lamps should be carefully selected according to the style.

Bathroom system
If your camping tent is used for accommodation, a good independent bathroom system is definitely to enhance the happiness of outdoor living. Nowadays, there are many independent bathroom systems used in hotels on the market. The preliminary space can be reasonably planned, and it can also be built like a star hotel. The same comfortable independent bathroom system should be planned according to the actual area of each tent.

Other facilities
The luxury tents hardware is assembled and it is time to assemble the soft decoration. For example, comfortable luxurious large beds and beddings, and better shading cotton and linen curtains can enhance the comfort of accommodation. Appropriate fresh green plants can be used as room decorations, air conditioning and The heater is also a good helper for warming in winter and cool in summer. It is more intimate to provide guests with slippers, umbrellas, and toiletries. The outdoor observation deck can be equipped with coffee tables and chairs, leisure rattan chairs, barbecue grills, stargazing telescopes and other leisure facilities. These can make travelers have a higher sense of participation and integration in outdoor camp life, not just staying in a hotel. It's just a feeling.

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