What Are The Characteristics Of Landscape Tension Structure Buildings?

November 15,2021

What are the characteristics of landscape tension structure buildings?

Nowadays, many buildings around us are built using membrane structures. The common one is car parking shade. Do you know what characteristics of landscape membrane structure buildings in life have? Here is a detailed introduction:

Here is an introduction to the characteristics of landscape tension structure buildings:
Cover a large span of space
The membrane material used in the membrane structure is about one kilogram per square. Due to its light weight and the use of steel cables and high-strength The structure is suitable for spanning a large space to form an open column-free large-span structural system.

Fire resistance and earthquake resistance
The membrane material used in the structural building has excellent flame retardancy and high temperature resistance, so it can well meet the fire protection requirements. Due to the light weight of the structure, the flexible structure and the large deformation capacity, the seismic performance is good. Short construction period: film cutting. The steel structure and steel cables of the composite type and skeleton are all processed in the factory, and only need to be assembled on site. The construction is simple and the construction period is shorter than that of traditional buildings.

Precautions for building car parking shade:
1. The car parking shade company is required to provide the establishment qualification certificate. To ensure the safety of the tent during the establishment process.
2. Sign a legally effective contract with the Tension Structure Parking Shed Company, pay attention to the new and old degree of the tarpaulin in the contract, and also need to be clear about the time when the tent is established and when it is removed.
3. The demand tension structure parking shed company provides insurance for the tent rental project.
4. The larger the rental area of ​​the membrane structure parking shed, the cheaper the price will be if it is appropriate.

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