Advantages of Dome Steel Structure Building

November 08,2021

In recent years, the Geodesic Dome Tent building has become more and more popular. I believe many people want to know what is attractive about the domed steel structure building. The following editor will introduce the application and advantages of dome steel structure in all aspects of construction.

Dome tent has good mechanical properties and processing properties. Compared with concrete, steel has higher strength and is especially suitable for large-span, heavy-load structures. The steel has good plasticity, strong ability to absorb deformation when subjected to static load, and will not break suddenly due to accidental overload. The steel has good toughness and good dynamic performance, suitable for working under dynamic loads

The degree of industrialization is high and the construction period is short. The materials used in the steel structure of the dome have been rolled into various profiles, which is convenient and quick to process. The steel components are light in weight, simple in connection, convenient in transportation and installation, and mechanized construction, which can greatly shorten the on-site construction period.

The design calculation is small, and the calculation results are more in line with reality. Due to the scientific control of the smelting and rolling process, the material of the steel is close to uniform and isotropic. Therefore, the actual force of the dome steel structure is more consistent with the engineering calculation results.

The steel structure of the Glamping dome has a cost advantage. The structure is light in weight, reducing transportation and hoisting costs; correspondingly, the foundation load is reduced, and the foundation cost is reduced.

The value of dismantling and recycling is high. The steel structure of the dome is not only difficult to dismantle, environmental pollution is small, but also has a high recycling value. The price of scrap steel can reach more than 65% of that of new steel

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