Quadrilateral Tension Structure Glamping Tent Resort

November 22,2021

Luxury glamping tent ranges from product conceptual design, material optimization control, size customization production, to camping tent site installation and commissioning and wiring layout, internal planning, interior design, ventilation, heat preservation, safety and other aspects that affect the accommodation experience. Do planning, design, and consideration to provide customers with a comprehensive luxury hotel life experience!

Life is always advancing at a high speed on the established track, and they often feel physically and mentally exhausted or lose themselves. They are very willing to spend money in exchange for peace. The pursuit of diversification and high-quality life is the main line of tent structure design combined with the characteristics of outdoor life.

Traveling is not necessarily tiring and happy, but it can also be comfortable and cozy. The luxury tent provides a comfortable and relaxing hotel-style camping accommodation environment for tourists without destroying the natural environment. They can not only experience the fun of camping, but also enjoy hotel-style treatment, so that the tired journey is relieved, and the originally monotonous journey becomes more vivid and exciting.

The glamping pods itself can become a tourist destination, completely different from the current resort hotels. The scenic spot + tent camping vacation model has subverted the traditional vacation concept; major tourism formats such as gourmet food and catering, scenic sightseeing, leisure tourism, outdoor sports, camping and picnic combined with local characteristics have been expanded, forming a composite vacation product model.
The eco tent will become the vane of the domestic tourism industry. Because it is close to nature, its impact on the natural environment is reduced to a very low level. At the same time, eco tent is a non-permanent building, eliminating the need for tedious construction applications. Really low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

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