What are Applications of Gendesic 360 Immersive Projection Dome Tents?

October 12,2020

The spherical projection tent, also known as the ball tent, is a panoramic image of the spherical surface using the wide-vision projection method and the dome space of the spherical tent as a carrier. It breaks the limitation that the projected image can only be a plane rule graphic. Brings a new projection experience!

At present, geodesic projection dome tents are widely used in outdoor applications. In addition to the mainstream applications of dome theaters, dome projections can also be applied to commercial conference projections, new product launches, music event performances, large beer festivals, music festivals, etc. The event domes brings more new ideas to event. And this novel projection method can make the audience feel the strong visual shock and immersive feeling, but also bring unexpected benefits to the event!

Therefore, in order to meet the application needs of different activities, BDiR can provide 3-100-diameter spherical geodesic dome tents, which can provide a large space of several thousand square meters, and we also have high-quality ball screen projection suppliers and adopt three-layer PVC. The blackout tarpaulin covers the geodome tent, which can bring you advanced ball screen projection technology and the best ball screen projection effect. The success of the Guangzhou Light Festival wearing the legendary ball screen of Guangdong and the 30-meter large ball screen of Zhengzhou is our best strength. witness!

If you have a geodesic dome projection tent, we can not only provide you with a spherical tent, but also a full set of advanced dome projection equipment.

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