Welding Construction Method of Mebrane Structure Canopy

July 28,2021

Welding construction method of membrane structure canopy

When admiring the membrane structure canopy, people often marvel at their majestic momentum, and when they see the sketches of the carpark membrane structure, they will be deeply attracted by their dexterity and elegance. However, in actual construction, whether it is a large-scale membrane structure venue of tens of thousands of square meters or a few square meters of membrane structure sketches, they are not composed of only one piece of tensile membrane material, but are composed of many membrane pieces.

The success of the membrane structure canopy construction depends on the beauty of the overall shape and the stability of the overall quality, as well as the treatment of the details. The quality of the welding of the membrane structure also plays a decisive role.

The common welding methods of membrane structure membrane materials include hot gas welding, heating unit welding and high frequency welding, and the welding joints are constructed in the following ways:
1. Single-sided welding of diaphragms of the same material and thickness, or double-sided welding with poor covering diaphragms.
2. The double-sided covering film is staggered into thicker contacts, which can reduce the discontinuity of load transmission.
3. The diaphragm of the same material and thickness is used, but the covering diaphragm is divided into two half-layers and double-sided welding, so that the load can be transferred smoothly.
4. After cutting the membrane structure diaphragm into a tooth shape and connecting it, the length of the load transfer link can be increased.
5. The joints of the high-strength double-layer film material can be formed by double-sided staggered covering film materials to form thicker joints.

The above is about the structure of the membrane structure canopy welding. For more information about the membrane structure canopy, you can follow our official website. If you want to know more, you can leave a message to the editor and tell the editor. Compile and organize the content, and I will meet you in the next news!

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