Treatment Tension Membrane Structure Surface Area Water - Brazi

November 08,2019

Brazil's overall rainfall is abundant, and there are often showers. Over time, there will be water on the surface of our membrane structure.

The tension membrane structure is a sculpture, a piece of art, giving a beautiful visual enjoyment. The  membrane structure is soft and its curve is soft and soft. Its rich shape makes it white and flawless, which makes people look bright and has a long aftertaste.

 However, due to the deformation of the fabric membrane structure under load, there may be water accumulation at the slope of the membrane structure. Rainfall, perhaps after heavy snowfall and after snow melting, the tensile membrane structure should be monitored to prevent water accumulation. Let's take a look at the approach that should be adopted for membrane water accumulation: first, it is necessary to immediately remove stagnant water or snow.
 If the rain and snow climate continues, the accumulation of water will damage the membrane. Therefore, it is necessary to close the space covered by the membrane surface and immediately adopt measures to prevent new water accumulation. If there is a drainage channel on the roof, it is necessary to check and clean it regularly so that it does not block due to the accumulation of leaves or other miscellaneous company goods.

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