The Lightweight Dome Construction has been Favored by Wild Luxury Hotels

March 12,2021

The shape of the lightweight canvas tent is unique. The geodesic dome tent lodge has been favored by wild luxury hotels, RV camps and scenic spots resort in recent years.

BDiR Inc.’s standard fabric dome construction are made of galvanized steel tubes that are assembled from galvanized steel tubes. They can also be sprayed other colors on the surface to make them more beautiful. We offer geodesic dome kit ranging in diameter from 4 to 80 meters.

The outside roof of the dome structure is made of PVC/PVDF fabric membrane that meets the national environmental protection standards. In addition to its strong toughness, it can also be fireproof and UV-proof. It can withstand the harsh conditions of various wind, frost, snow and snow in the wild, and can reach a service life of 8~10 years. The inside covers of steel frame canopy are environmentally friendly insulation cotton, which plays the role of sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation.

BDiR Inc. is geodesic dome cabin designer and manufacturer,  provides the best quality complete dome tents for living home, glamping tent house, camping pods, greenhouse, branding, product launches, commercial receptions, outdoor concerts and business annual celebrations, festival, performance, trade show booth, igloo and rooftop lounges, etc. all over worldwide.

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