Glamping Tents- A Unique Luxury Glamping New Life Exclusive for Vacation

March 19,2021

Living in a luxury glamping tent, looking at the beautiful and comfortable natural scenery is a place that many urbanites have been longing for and want to travel. But if you want to really feel the natural scenery, it is not enough to just walk twice, at least you must live in the wild, camp in the wild, and experience the natural scenery.

Therefore, BDiR Inc. brings hotel-style accommodation experience into glamping tents, placing camping tents in the wild natural environment, creating a new outdoor accommodation mode: the combination of tents and hotels can meet the needs of tourists who want to return to nature , Enjoy 5-star luxury tents in the wild.

On the surface, these camping tents are indeed larger than simple tents and have a more unique appearance, but the most important thing is that the main body of the glamping tent produced by BDiR Inc is assembled structural steel, which has building safety and stability and can be used outdoors. Don’t worry about the impact of outdoor wind and rain for a long time! And the internal facilities are complete, wireless Internet access, bathroom, furniture decoration and luxury hotels are the same, so the living experience is no different from the hotel. But through the form of tents, tourists can get closer to nature, a more authentic and unforgettable travel experience!

The tent structures of aluminum alloy frame are like a mysterious crystal house. Looking up at the stars while lying in bed is the most attractive selling point. The 28-square-meter area inside brings enough accommodation space. Provide outdoor balcony, separate bathroom, bedding furniture, air-conditioning and other supporting facilities. This is to create a unique luxury glamping tent for our scenic spot!

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