The Darling of the 21st Century - Cable Membrane Structure

November 10,2019

The harmonious unity of environment, atmosphere, culture and architectural form is the highest goal pursued by architects and planners worldwide. When human beings enter the 21st century, how to understand, conceive and build our living space is an important issue facing the construction industry today.

The cable-membrane structure emerged in the 1960s with the development of modern flexible materials. The architects constructed a magical form from the tent, the oldest simple building. It can form different structural forms such as single curved surface and multi-surface, which meets the architect's high requirements for the uniformity of architecture and aesthetics.

The architectural environment design not only provides a wide space for human beings, but also creates a natural and human landscape with a lot of weather. Sunlight, air, green grass, water creek and cable-membrane structure together bring people into a colorful and diverse world.

The biggest advantage of cable-membrane construction from traditional construction is that its construction period is very short, only a quarter of the traditional construction period. At the same time, sand and cement are not needed in the construction, which avoids the pollution caused by dust and noise.

Beauty for high-rise buildings is a laborious and dangerous job, and the membrane material itself is self-cleaning. Its cleaning requires only a gift of nature, and it can be completely renewed.

Nowadays, the life of general membrane materials is 25-30 years, and membrane structure buildings have been widely used all over the world.

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