Why Choose Modular Tent Lodges for Eco Camp/ Resort?

November 10,2019

In many environmentally sensitive areas, what kind of accommodation can maintain luxury and comfort without sacrificing the surrounding environment and being sustainable? RC Hotel? Wooden house? Eco Fabric Tented Lodges?

The roof of the tented lodges is made of architectural fabric membranes, which can reach the building standard with high-strength, corrosion resistance and anti-UV, and the durability can reach 25-50 years. As a new thing, the tent hotel must have its survivability in the eco tourism industry. Compared with the traditional RC resort or wooden house, its advantage is mainly reflected in three aspects: no geographical restrictions, environmental sustainable and functional diversity:

(1) No geographical restrictions

Modular tent villas have low requirements for building foundations and can be built in almost all environments, such as on hillsides, in jungles, in shallow seas, in sandy beaches, in deserts, in grasslands, etc. Its building materials and assembly methods do not destroy the surrounding environment and are particularly suitable for ecologically fragile areas. Because of the tent house belongs to the temporary building, it does not require the approval of the construction land index, which is cost-effective.

(2) Environmental sustainable

The construction period of modular tent rooms can be shortened by more than half compared with conventional buildings, and all construction components can be factory-produced with high standardization. There is very little construction waste, and environmental pollution can be controlled to a minimum. Even so the hotel/camp service center can be design&bulid from the combination and function of the tent room. Due to the high degree of standardization of its building components and the mobility, it can be rebuilt and the ecological adjustment of the scenic area is more flexible.

(3) Function diversity

The modular tent rooms are all modularly assembled. All room functions and guest facilities are composed of one or more modules. Users can decide which function modules and equipment components to configure according to their needs. This eco tent structure facilitates future maintenance, disassembly and functional adjustment. The tent rooms that have been built can also be disassembled, moved and installed as needed; the module structure can be changed at any time to change the theme; the used tent rooms can be recycled and reused in other projects. After the integrated tent room is installed with power supply and water supply equipment, it can be used alone or in combination with multiple rooms. It can be combined into a medium and large room cluster, with life service functions such as catering and leisure. Its structure of “facility platform + functional module” makes the superstructure (tent, whole bathroom) more flexible, and the integration of regional culture is high. If the theme or cultural elements are implanted according to the scenic spot or the overall landscape design, it will be better. Landscape effect.

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