Tension Membrane Structure brings a New Visual Experience

November 08,2019

In some tourist attractions, the landscape membrane structure has gradually replaced the traditional construction form, which is mainly due to its special material and characteristics, giving the architect more planning space and bringing us more visual experience,let's take a look!

    The shape of the tension membrane structure is numerous.
1. The most intuitive feeling brought by the landscape membrane structure is the change of appearance, whether it is as light as Feiyan's dotted landscape, or a special sculpture building.
2. It can show its common artistic decoration effect on the exterior, and it blends with the artistic conception, and stretches to depict the image of strength and beauty.
    The color of tension membrane structure is rich.
1. Color can express people's various moods and moods, and can give people a common feeling. The same color is also the most active language in the environment.

2. The proper color processing will make the space have a good artistic expression. For example, the colorful and colorful colors can bring a relaxed and pleasant feeling, while the pure white film structure is the same as the scenery, which can bring elegant and pure visual sense.

    The material of the tension membrane structure is environmentally friendly.
1. Commonly used membrane materials are PTFE membrane materials and PVC membrane materials. It is characterized by high strength, good durability, fire retardant, self-cleaning, and is not affected by ultraviolet light, and its service life is over 20 years.
2. The evidence is that the material is as thin as a few millimeters, and it depicts the special landscape film structure of the forest.
3. This also shows that the development of information technology has greatly changed our daily life.
    The function of the tension membrane structure is many.
1. In addition to the appreciation effect, the function of the landscape film structure is also powerful, and it can also be used as a sun shed, a pavilion, a corridor, etc. as a beautiful scene.
2. Conceived a common, tailor-made, and connected with the surrounding environment, in the artistic image of the scene, the practicality of the integration into the scene, making the scene environment more appealing.

As a new construction method and style, the fabric membrane structure is now becoming the mainstream building. Whether it is to do environmental protection facilities, commercial facilities, gas film structure, landscape film construction, etc., choose a good membrane structure company can also guarantee the construction quality and completion degree of the project to a certain extent.

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