Tension and Beauty Make a Space Frame Structures

January 13,2020

The beauty of the fabric tensile structure buildings is often shocking, and this shock stems from reasonable structural design! The straight line is beautiful because it has a sense of strength and the curve is beautiful because it has a sense of tension; the hive is beautiful and the spider web is beautiful What they have in common is that they have a reasonable and simple structure, but also have very practical functions. The beauty of architecture is nothing more than shape, color, decoration, humanities, and ideas. As a light structural building form, the tensile membrane structure not only perfectly explains these aspects, but also achieves harmonious unity with the building. Only the trinity of architecture is structure, structure is function, and building structure function can present the extreme beauty of architectural works.

The core of the design of the fabric construction is to control the boundary conditions of the structure and the geometry of the supporting structure, so as to find the best membrane surface shape that meets the design requirements. Compared with the traditional architectural design, the architectural design of the tensile membrane structure is a multi-disciplinary coordination process. To get the most concise design that meets the functional requirements, the structural architect must work closely with other engineers.

The main purpose of architectural design is more focused on the embodiment of traditional spatial rational organization, and the membrane structure is an architectural form that closely combines the force structure and the shape design. The concise membrane surface produces attractive space and environmental effects through the adjustment of light brightness. The simplicity also prevents it from concealing any design flaws. Relaxation of tension or discontinuities will be fully exposed, and it will cause film surface folds And deformation. A well-designed membrane structure can effectively resist the influence of external climate such as sun, rain, wind and snow.

Due to the high efficiency of the structural performance, the tensile fabric structures can redistribute local concentrated loads through large deformations of the membrane surface shape without significantly increasing the membrane surface stress in this area. These characteristics make the membrane structure a lightweight structure, that is, it has a variety of shapes, while it can effectively carry and maintain the appearance of simplicity, which is why the tension membrane structure is often considered to have a shocking beauty.

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