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Tensile Structures for Coffee Shop in Paris

November 08,2019

The meaning of the cafe is not only a place for Parisians to spend time, in the open-air cafe, with a breeze, a coffee under the open-air awning, the heavy, luxuriant, is temporarily put aside. They are either low-minded or arrogant, letting their minds linger, in the rich aroma of coffee, in the fierce collision of thoughts, the great works of the world have been born, and the true appearance of love has also been witnessed.
The tension membrane structure is novel and beautiful, and the shape is free. It is unmatched by the awning of other material structures. It is a beautiful landscape itself, and it can shelter the tourists from the rain.

Building membrane is a new type of high-strength composite material, durable, waterproof, anti-corrosive, anti-ultraviolet, heat-insulating, etc., which makes the membrane structure meet the functions of long service life, sunshade and rain.
Active sunshade, which is a major feature of the membrane structure awning, which is impossible to achieve with other materials. The coating of the architectural film can reflect the irradiated sunlight by 70%, absorb 17% by itself, and heat transfer by 13%. The sunshade effect is very good, and other materials such as iron sheet, color steel plate, endurance board and so on can only passively bear and transmit the heat of sunlight.
The economy is good, the construction period of the fabric membrane structure  is short, and no secondary decoration is needed, which greatly saves the engineering cost.

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