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Tensile PVC/PVDF/PTFE/ETFE Fabric Structures in Qatar

November 08,2019

Qatar is an Arab country in western Asia. It is located on the Qatar Peninsula on the southwestern coast of the Persian Gulf and borders the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The coastline is 550 kilometers long. Qatar has a flat terrain, most of which is covered with sandy deserts. It is slightly higher near the west coast. There is a large area of exposed limestone southward from Zkrette, and Qatar's onshore oil is also mainly stored in this area. 

Qatar has a tropical desert climate that is hot and dry and humid along the coast. The four seasons are not very obvious. The summer season from April to October is the longest season of the year. The highest temperature in July-September is 45°C, and the winter is cool and dry with a minimum temperature of 7°C. The average annual precipitation is only 75.2 mm.

BDiR Inc. Shade structure always cares for customers’ requirements all type of sun shades.(car parking shades, playground shades, walk way & entrace canopies, marine shades etc). 

BDiR Inc. is specialized with PVC/PVDF/PTFE/ETFE fabric shades as per architectural and durable concept of the client requirements. We can do car parking for projects like Airport, Universities, Colleges & Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Municipalities, Ministries, Stadiums and many private residential projects all over the Qatar. 

Our architects and engineering team work on tensile membrane structure to achieve a concept and design solution with maximum impact, functionality and durability.

We offer only branded products, which has an inherent guarantee and these products will exceed international standards. Our experienced and highly trained team ensure that the projects are executed to your complete satisfaction.

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