Cold Resistance of Fabric Membrane Structure - Greenland

November 08,2019

Greenland has a cold climate and is an ice and snow kingdom.It snows all year round. Greenland is a polar climate with an average temperature of -6°C in the south and -35°C in the north. The average temperature in the southwest is 8 °C in summer, and the average temperature in the northernmost is 3.6 °C in summer. The coldest month temperature reaches -70 °C. It is the second "cold pole" on the earth.

In winter, people are worried that the house can not resist cold and can withstand the accumulation of snow. Cold resistance choose fabric membrane structure, this is valid.

The PTFE membrane structural material can be used in the environment of -70 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius. In addition, its tensile strength is above 6000N and the tear strength is at least 300N. According to this data, the requirements for tensile strength and compression resistance are completely met, or you can compare the pressure resistance in more ways.

  Nowadays, the tensile membrane structure has been widely used in cold regions. The self-cleaning properties, fire resistance, cold resistance and compression resistance of the membrane materials have been well researched. The membrane structure not only has the effect of keeping warm from the cold, but there are other highlights waiting for you to discover.

  BDiR Inc. specializes in tensioned membrane structure and has more than 10 years experience, we can design a solution that suits you.

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