Points To Note For The Installation Of Geodesic Dome Tent

April 27,2021

The material of geodesic dome tent has a small area and is very convenient for storage and transportation. In its actual using condition, it has the advantages of large available space, strong practicability, and meeting aesthetic requirements. At the same time, the round shape design reduces the resistance to the wind and greatly improves the wind resistance of the tent. It is the best choice for people in outdoor activities, exhibitions and other places. So what should we pay attention to when constructing the tent?

Before setting up the eco dome tent, relevant preparations must be made, such as confirming the installation site. Secondly, it is necessary to check whether the accessories are complete, and those with serial numbers are arranged in order so that it is not easy to be confused during installation. In addition, prepare the necessary tools for installation, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, hardware kits, installers, and installation guides. For larger spherical shapes, you may need the assistance of a crane.

Following is a brief description of the installation steps:

1. Approximately confirm the position according to the tent diameter, clarify the position of the tent door, fix the tent base material with flat screws, and then build the first layer of pipe;

2. According to the number of the pipes, install and fix the second layer and the third layer at a time. For the tent with large diameters, a crane may be needed.

3. After finishing the frame construction, cover the tarpaulin, align the tarpaulin mouth with the frame door and pull to cover.

The installation difficulty of a lodge dome tent is related to the diameter of the tent. If you need help during the installation process, you can refer to the construction guide and ask the manufacturer for help. For large resort project, you can communicate with the manufacturer and ask to send engineers for onsite support to improve installation efficiency.

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