2021 New Building Material, ETFE

April 28,2021

ETFE Fabric

There is a new building material compared with traditional materials
Light and flexible, transparent and environmentally friendly
Presented under the designer
Dreamy beauty
Today, the editor will take you with you
Understand this thin and light house/wall material: ETFE material

ETFE is by far the strongest fluoroplastic
In keeping the PTFE good
At the same time of heat resistance, chemical resistance and electrical insulation properties
Its radiation resistance, mechanical properties and processing properties
Has improved a lot

Advantages of ETFE film

Lightweight, good toughness, high tensile strength, ductility
Strong weather resistance and chemical resistance
Good fire safety, no spontaneous combustion
High visible light transmittance
Excellent self-cleaning function, dust is not easy to adsorb on its surface
Good adaptability, can be processed into almost any size and shape
ETFE film can be pre-made into film airbags, assembled, inflated, and constructed on site, which is convenient for maintenance

ETFE air pillow membrane structure for buildings
The ETFE layer is continuously filled with air from the pneumatic system
To create a pillow-like cushion
Thereby providing thermal insulation and structural stability to resist wind or snow loads

Because the ETFE film has a particularly good light transmittance, it is known as "soft glass"
Because of its transparency through UV
The ability to reliably adjust the environmental conditions in the building
The film can be printed with specific patterns
And hierarchically control the conditions of sunlight

And, the low friction coefficient of ETFE
Can prevent dust or dirt from adhering to its surface
This reduces maintenance requirements.

Different from plastics that may be hazardous to health
ETFE is both easy to recycle and durable
Cost-effective production and low energy consumption during manufacturing and transportation
This is largely due to its light weight
Due to its resilience, ETFE performs well in natural disasters
And it is self-extinguishing in the event of a fire, which is a safe material

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