How to Judge the Quality of the Car Parking Shade Tensile Structure?

November 07,2019

We want to build a good quality car parking shed,how do you judge the quality of the car parking shed?

1. The sunlight that illuminates the roof shoots the diffused light into the room. Inside, the roof becomes a continuous bright surface whose intensity varies with the relative position of the roof and the sun. The lighting coefficient of the tensioned film roof can be as high as 10%, and in the traditional construction, the lighting coefficient can only enter the room from the limited lighting window, and the lighting coefficient of the lighting window is less than 3%. Even on a cloudy day, the lighting level of the film shed can meet the basic requirements of most activities.

2. Reflectance Since the transmitted light and the reflected light entering the film structure of the carport are diffused light, glare is unlikely to occur, but the arrangement and shading of the glass lighting area should also be considered to avoid glare caused by direct sunlight. three. Color stretch film sheds have a good color perception of white or beige films indoors because both colors exhibit linear spectral transmission characteristics of visible light. The transmittance increases as the wavelength of the transmitted light increases, making the transmitted light hotter than the incident light. Transmission spectroscopy, fiber and its properties, coating thickness, etc. In addition to identifying the quality of the film structure from these aspects, the manufacturer's choice is also very important. 1. If the manufacturer of the stretch film shed is qualified, you can check the business license or related records on the website of the Trade and Industry Bureau before deciding whether to purchase.

3. The strength of the company, does the designer of another company have relevant qualification certificates, and the strength of the whole company? There are two key points: case studies and word of mouth. A strong company will have many successful cases and will enjoy a good reputation in the industry. When choosing a design company, we should pay attention to each other's information. If the success of the two companies with similar strengths is close to our situation. The design of the membrane structure car shed is much more complicated than we think. Once there is a problem with the design draft, it must be sent back for modification. If there is a problem in the construction, the designer must also participate in the solution and the after-sales service is good.

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