Classification and Advantages of Tensile Fabric Structure Construction

November 12,2019

1. Fabric membrane structure
The steel wire and the membrane material together form a stable surface to cover the building space. It is the representative and essence of the cable-membrane building, with high physical plasticity and structural flexibility.
2. Skeleton membrane structure
The building space is covered by a self-stabilizing skeleton system supporting the membrane body, and the skeleton system determines the architectural shape, and the membrane body is a covering.
3. Air-supported membrane structure (inflatable structures, pneumatic structures)
Covering the building space by supporting the membrane body with air pressure, it has a single shape and is used less.

Advantages of membrane structure construction:
1. Freer architectural shape shaping
The variable support structure and flexible membrane make the building more diversified, novel and beautiful, while embodying the beauty of the structure and rich colors, creating a more free architectural form and a richer architectural language.

2. Better economic benefits
Membrane building roofing weight is only 1/30 of that of conventional steel roofing, which reduces the cost of the wall and foundation. At the same time, the peculiar shape and night scene effect of the membrane building have obvious "architectural identities" and commercial effects, and the price-benefit ratio is higher.

3. Shorter construction period
All processing and production in the membrane engineering can be done in the factory, and only the installation work is carried out on site. It is almost twice as fast as the construction cycle of a traditional building.

4. Lower energy consumption
The film has high reflectivity and low light absorption, and low thermal conductivity, which largely prevents solar energy from entering the room. In addition, the translucency of the film ensures proper natural diffuse light to illuminate the room.

5. Larger span of building space
Due to its light weight, the membrane structure construction does not require a large span of internal support surface, which allows people to design and use the building space flexibly and creatively.

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